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Sarasa Pen & Mildliner Pack - White Series

by Zebra

The Zebra White Series features a thoughtfully curated highlighter and pen set with both aesthetic and performance in mind- depending on the task! Each set contains a selection of the most sought-after shades, including the Sarasa R Vintage color collection and the Gentle Natural mildliner sets, complete with tenderly themed limited-edition decals on the body.

The Sarasa R pen ink glides in 0.4mm water-based pigment gel, in the colour exhibited on both the clip and clicker. Mildliners are double-ended with a classic, slanted tip for highlighting and a finer tip for precise strokes ideal for journalling and underlining notes!

Set A: Recommended for Studying! 

  • Sarasa R 0.4 Pen White Series: Black, Red, Orange.
  • Mildliner White Series: Mild Sherbert Yellow, Mild Baby Pink

Set B: Recommended for memos and letters!

  • Sarasa R 0.4 Pen White Series: Sky Blue, Fresh Green, Pink
  • Mildliner White Series: Mild Gold, Mild Lilac

Set C: Recommended for Journalling! 

  • Sarasa R 0.4 Pen White Series:  Red Black, Green Black, Blue Gray
  • Mildliner White Series:  Mild Beige, Mild Cool Gray

Made in Japan.