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Smiski Glow in the Dark Grabbing Keychain figure

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  • Smiski Keychain - "Pulling" - doing his best to protect the keys in your purse, bookbag, pocket, or car
  • Smiski Figure glows in the dark making it easy to find your missing keys (The more light he absorbs the better)
  • Made of phosphorescent material that absorbs light and makes the mini figure glow in the dark
  • Smiski are curious little glow in the dark creatures that love hiding in small spaces and corners of your room. Their existence is a bit of a mystery. However, you might discover one at night as they mysteriously glow in the dark! Makes a funny, quirky, odd gift for men, women and children
  • Keychain: Smiski Figure Size: 2 inches. Made from ATBC-PVC