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Sea Otter Plush

Color - White& Grey
*Size: approx. W10 x D8 x H20 cm (not including the tail)
*Type:3 types AS
*Remarks:Packaged in a large bag *With paper tag
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: *Material: Polyester
*Weight: approx. 70g


Sea otter stuffed toy
From the popular [sound-activating] stuffed toys, a cute sea otter that makes a cute sound when you press its belly [Pukyuto!] A cute sea otter that makes a cute sound when its belly is pressed is now available!
A total of three types in the assortment: Guree, Orenji, and Buroun!
The otters can be laid down to be displayed, but they can also stand on their own!
The sparkling lame shells in their hands are also adorable♪
The luxurious fluffy fur is used, and the size is rather large at about 20cm from head to foot. (It is even larger if you include the length of the tail!)