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Sanrio Magnet Keychains (3 types)

by Sanrio
Type: Keychain

Find the perfect matching keychain for a friend or a loved one with these Sanrio magnet keychains! Make your reuinions even sweeter- each keychain has a magnet embedded on the opposing side of each plush so that they'll connect when they're near! The sturdy ball chain ensures that it'll be an infallible attachment to your bag or keys, and the lobster clasp allows you to easily remove the plush for safekeeping or cleaning! With three adorable Sanrio pals to choose from (Korokorokuririn and Sakura, Kerokeroppi and Koroppi, Badtz Maru and Nana Maru), they make the perfect gift for any occasion!

  • 2 pc. per item
  • Size: Korokorokuririn / Sakura: approx. H105 x W125 x D60mm (including tag), Bad Badtzmaru/Good Nanamaru: approx. H100 x W130 x D60mm (including tag), Kerokeroppi / Koroppi: approx. H90 x W140 x D45mm (including tag)
  • Material: Polyester