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Uniball One Limited Edition FIKA Colour Set- 0.5mm

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uni One Fika Colors is a Limited Assortment and only here while supplied last! Fika is Swedish for "to have tea" and is used to express a moment of peace. This set was designed to encourage slowing down while using these inspiring colors. This 7 color set also features all of the same innovation of our well loved best-seller, uni One.

  • Bring crisp, vibrant lines to your artistic and personal projects with these smooth-flowing, revolutionary gel ink pens available in many colors
  • Specially formulated ink stays on top of fibers instead of being absorbed into the paper
  • Functional & strong wire pocket clip opens wide for easy attachment to documents, folders or notebooks
  • Color indicator at the top of the pen makes it easy to identify ink color
  • 0.5mm