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Queenie's cards Punny Paint Party Plushies

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The Story
One sunny afternoon, a young artist was painting their next masterpiece when they suddenly got hungry. They thought of all the different snacks they wanted to eat, flicked a paintbrush onto their canvas and voilà! Little droplets of paint magically appeared with their favourite foods! The Punny Paint Party is now ready to share their adventures with you!

The Punny Paint Party Plushies

  1. Let's Avocuddle Green
  2. Don't Be Blue
  3. Peppermint Pink
  4. A Bunch Of Yellow
  • Original design by queenie's cards
  • Each plush measures approximately 9"x 7" 
  • Each plush has embroidered messages on the back
  • Successfully funded on Kickstarter!
  • Read about our characters here!
  • Polyester Fibres 
  • Recommended for ages 3+ 
  • Cleaning instructions: Hand wash surface and air dry