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Pokemon / Kirby Mini Eraser Bottle Charm

Type: Stationery


Pokemon Ver. Includes 12 erasers:

  • (x1) Pikachu: Wink
  • (x1) Pikachu: SmilePokemon/kirby mini bottle erasers → RN : Pokemon / Kirby Mini Eraser Bottle Charm

All your favourite characters encased in a whimsical bottle charm! Each charm is complete with a ball chain, making it easy to take with you on the go. The star-topped bottle cap can be removed easily, so that you can mix and match the contents according to your mood, spark up your creativity to create your own DIY Pokemon terrain/ Kirby Dreamland, or if you dare, carry it in your pencil case to erase little mistakes! The possibilities are endless.  

Kirby Ver. Includes 12 erasers:

  • (x1) Kirby: Smile
  • (x1) Kirby: Winking
  • (x1) Kirby: Naptime 
  • (x1) Kirby: Squished
  • (x1) Waddle Dee
  • (x1) Waddle Dee with Bandana: Sleeping
  • (x1) Gordo Ball
  • (x1) Meta Knight Face
  • (x1) King Dedede Face
  • (x1) Kirby Face
  • (x1) Candy Lolly

  • (x1) Pikachu: Sleeping
  • (x1) Charmander Face
  • (x1) Squirtle Face
  • (x1) Bulbasaur Face
  • (x1) Eevee Face
  • (x1) Mew Face
  • (x1) Grookey Face
  • (x1) Sobble Face
  • (x1) Scorbunny Face 
  • (x1) Pokeball 

◆ Each bottle contains 12 of each design. 

◆ Bottle Size: L10cm x W5cm

◆ Eraser Size: (approx.) L1.5cm X W1.5cm X H0.5cm

◆ Material: Eraser- TPE, Bottle- AS, Bottlecap- Plastic