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Nico Nui Animal Magnet Keychains (7 types)


The cheeks are attached with a magnet, so they can be attached to the keychain.

Schnauzer: approx. H130 x W120 x D95mm (including tag) 
Bulldog: approx. H130 x W125 x D95mm (including tag) 
Deer: approx. H140 x W105 x D95mm (including tag)
Chihuahua: approx. H130 x W120 x D80mm (including tag)
Pig: approx. H120 x W110 x D100mm (including tag) 

Pengin*Azarashi: approx. H130 x W120 x D100mm (including tag) 
Dax: approx. H150 x W130 x D100mm (including tag)