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Kitan Club Putitto Kirby Blind Box Version 2

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A glass of your favorite drink is always a pleasure, but now you can make it cute and add some personality by adding the company of Kirby! This beloved pink character is making an appearance in Kitan Club’s hugely popular Putitto product line! They are a fun way to decorate your home and liven up your social network feed! Surprise blind box: when you purchase one of our blind mystery boxes, you receive 1 of our 6 designs. Adding fun surprise to every order, you get to unwrap the mystery. Trade and collect them all to build the complete series! Trusted quality: expertly designed and carefully crafted, these Putitto Kirby toys reflect our commitment to trusted and reliable craftsmanship. Strong plastic ensures long-lasting durability while the beautifully detailed faces give each figurine its own unique charm.
Made in China